Why This Course?

By enrolling in this course you will understand what constitutes a “good death”,
or “what is meant by dying well”. You will be better equipped to support an individual facing
their death and become a more solid, grounded support to the loved ones who are saying goodbye.

Taking this course prepares you for employment in the healthcare sector, working with seniors, the elderly, and frail populations, as well as preparation for the hospice and palliative care field.

You will be among the select few who get to advocate for, and champion the
way that quality end-of-life care is delivered in your community.

Get ready to be surprised by what you will learn

What Students Say...

The course was deeply meaningful and very instructive.
The emphasis on careful, deep listening and absence of judgment most impressed me.
~ Lila Suna, Washington, DC

Your training is one of the best trainings I have ever done. Even after serving as a nurse in the oncology community for so long, the card exercise brought me to tears. I wish everyone would want to take the course.

~ Stacey Russell, New York, NY

I LOVED the CEOLS training modules. Intense and beautiful. Please know I thanked you in my heart several times.
~ Nathan Beier, Sacramento, CA

This course has already been a life-changing gift! It is hard to express how much I’ve appreciated it. To me, more than an end-of-life course, this is a LIFE course! My heart is full of joy and appreciation, and I’m confident I will carry these profound learnings with me for a long time.
~ Andrea Soares, Alexandria, VA




What You Can Expect

Originally this course was only available to hospice volunteers and staff.

After receiving many inquiries from individuals who were students, caretaking themselves, or were simply drawn to this work - we have opened it to colleges and universities.

Though you will hear the terms volunteer, personal or professional caregiver throughout this course, the end-of-life teaching and concepts are universal, however you choose to serve.

We know that this information is life-changing and life affirming. If you are taking this course to expand your opportunities for employment, or to enhance your existing professional credentials,
this course will serve you well.

The Curriculum

Registration + Support

To register for this course, return to the registration page at the Randolph Community College website.

Once you have registered and paid the course fee, the administrators at the college will enroll you into the Teaching Transitions' eLearning platform.

You will receive a Welcome Email with your login credentials to begin your training.

Should you need support for registration, please contact
Lynn Richardson at:

We would love to have you join us and hope to see you in the course!

Transforming death, dying, grief and loss from one of ONLY fear and overwhelm to that of comfort, peace, meaning, connnection, and even a bit of awe...

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